3 Common Mistakes in Facebook Ads

3 Common Mistakes in Facebook Ads

As a digital marketing agency, we hear all the time, “We’ve tried Facebook ads, but they didn’t work” or “we boost some posts here and there but have never got any business from them”. Let’s hit the pause button right there. First off, we’re not here to criticize the way anyone is running their Facebook ads, however, there is a big difference between the way a credible agency runs your ads and the way you may have been doing it previously. Below is a recap of the top three mistakes we run into when auditing a client’s Facebook Ads account.

Mistake #1: Boosting Posts

Resist the urge to boost posts. Your budget will go farther and the success of your ad will perform much better by navigating through Facebook Business Manager. You can still put ad money behind a specific post you’ve published, but you’ll get much more targeted advertising options by navigating through Business Manager.

Mistake #2: Failing to Set Up the Facebook Pixel

Before you even think about running an ad on Facebook and Instagram, make sure you have the Facebook Pixel and key events plus audiences set up. This will ensure you have tracking in place and can build audiences to target (vs shooting in the dark)

Mistake #3: Not Having a Strategy or Testing

Think about the objective of your ad and the destination. Do you have enough budget to run a truly successful campaign? If you are thinking of spending less than a few hundred dollars, an awareness campaign might be the better option vs trying to drive conversions and/or sales.

Having a solid plan, strategy, and landing page setup are all key components to success with social media advertising. Oh, and testing. Lots and lots of testing. What works for one ad account may not work for another. So, avoid taking advice from something you may have seen in a Facebook group, because you may hear a guru say, “Carousel ads or video ads perform the best” however… in a split test we performed, the single image outperformed the carousel and video 2:1. Again, Always. Be. Testing.

So, if you’ve ever been saying to yourself, “I’ve tried Facebook ads, but they didn’t work”… maybe it wasn’t the platform itself. 🤷‍♀️

About us: Brindle Digital Marketing helps businesses and apartments with social media, web design, and digital marketing solutions.

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Brindle Digital Marketing helps businesses and multifamily communities increase their online presence with social media & digital marketing solutions.

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