A marketing team that focuses on the
data to make faster, better decisions

Ever ask these questions?

And maybe you...




in work

Determination and passion drives us, not obligation. We focus on doing what’s right the first time.




Always, and for everything. Deliver on time. Deliver on expectations. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’, we do what we say.


We pursue

personal growth

We’re energized by mastering new skills that further our abilities – we’re hungry for knowledge and learning new things everyday.




We appreciate greatest success comes from hard work and the effort put forth.


Creative &

vision focused

Be curious, open-minded. Creative in thinking and open to new ways of doing things.




We build open and honest relationships and continually go the extra mile.

Added value via partnership.

Greeley online advertising and marketing agency

Anyone can call themselves a marketing agency, pitch ideas, and send you an invoice at the end of the day. To stand out from the competition, however, you need an agency that brings more to the table, someone who understands your target market, your current situation, and has the ability to think around the blind corner to discover the next opportunity.

You need a partner. A team that always searches for the “why” behind every action, and then uses that knowledge to customize your best marketing strategy and see it through to the results stage. A team that has the ability to pivot quickly when needed, to respond to rapidly changing market conditions to take advantage of situations when timeliness is critical. And a team that tackles each challenge with a sense of wonder (humor helps, too).

Partner with Brindle Digital Marketing in Greeley, and you gain access to a team of skilled strategists, designers, developers, and digital marketers with one goal in mind: to deliver the best results with unparalleled customer care, served with personality and enthusiasm.

We love what we do.
(And we think you will too.)


You're in the

the right place.

At Brindle Digital Marketing, we understand your pain points – we’ve likely been there done that, and with over 12 years’ experience, we’ll create a customized plan with action items specific to your goals. We’ll generate the quality leads you need to take your biz to the next level and position you as the go-to solution that leaves your competition wondering what just happened.

What you can expect when working with us:

We see ourselves as an extension of your passion project, not as a paid contractor. We pay close attention to your pain points. We thrill with your successes, we plot to overcome your challenges, and we never stop looking for a more efficient path to bigger results. It’s the Brindle way, which means:

The Brindle Story

Sarah Lukemire founded Brindle after honing her skills in the marketing world since 2010. After working for other companies and agencies holding roles such as Marketing Director and Digital Strategist, she set out to create the marketing agency she always wanted to hire – one that provides not only exceptional strategy but also impeccable execution.

Today, Brindle Digital lives by these core values: we take pride in our work, deliver results, focus on self-improvement, always look for a better way, strive for creativity and follow a clear vision: to always focus on you.

Wondering where the name Brindle comes from? A brindle-colored dog named Lola.

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