Which Analytics are Most Useful for Apartment Marketing?


The ultimate goal of any apartment community is an increase in leases via resident retention and new residents. Achieving this goal takes a combination of digital and grassroots marketing efforts that are specially designed to accommodate your target demographic.

First of all, decide which tactics make the most sense for your particular apartment community. Email marketing, social media, strong web presence, etc., are always safe bets, but our team does the right research to ensure the tactic matches the goal.

If you execute tactics and walk away, you may as well be throwing time and budget into a black hole. Analyzing the data of each marketing tactic is the only way to know what’s working and what needs to be scrapped.

Here are just a few important analytics you should be monitoring to evaluate your apartment community’s marketing initiatives:

Google Ads

Google ads analytics give you statistics on all parts of your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. When pulling monthly reports, you can see how many clicks, how many impressions, the click-through rate, which device people are using to find your campaign, etc. Plus, it allows you to see the locations of your audiences to make sure they’re in the right region.

Website SEO

The vast majority of future residents will find your apartment community via Google search and clicking on your website. See how your website is doing by monitoring SEO analytics – new users, number of sessions, average length of each session, bounce rate and more. Again, you can monitor the location of visitors, just in case you are trying to expand your reach to new cities.

Organic Social Media

A social media post is only as good as its reach, and the reach is only as good as its engagement rate. Your social media strategy should be constantly evolving based on which posts reach the most followers and which one garner the most engagement. Keep your content fresh and relevant by analyzing which posts are strongest, and which times of day are the best time to reach followers.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Facebook ad campaigns are an excellent way to target demographics in the most specific way possible. Delving into the analytics of each campaign helps you stay on top of budget, reach, impressions, cost per result, landing page views, etc. Plus, you can set up an A/B test to see which of two campaigns are most successful.

Email Marketing

Ever feel like you’re sending out a mass email into the abyss? That may be true, but you’ll never know if you don’t analyze the stats of each email campaign. Find out which subject lines get the most opens, and see which subscribers have gone lukewarm. Struggling with a low open rate? Check out these fancy MailChimp features you may have forgotten existed.

Converted Leads

And most importantly, after sifting through percentages and statistics galore, set the reports aside for just one moment to chat with your leasing manager. How many phone calls from potentially residents have they been receiving each week? How many leases were signed in the last month? What kind of feedback have they been receiving from current residents? All of this soft data is just as important as the facts and figures when taking a holistic approach to increasing leases.

The Brindle crew works with numerous apartment communities to target their unique demographics and turn them into leads. Interested in taking your marketing strategy to the next level? Give us a call at 970-372-6588.

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