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How to Create GIFs for Your Brand

GIFs have been sweeping the internet for years now, and we think it’s about time everyone learned how to create their own. Not only are GIFs a great way to engage with your Instagram and social media audience, but they also put a face to your brand and make your content stand out.  And to

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SEO keyword research

Apartment SEO Checklist for Your Website

Remember the good ol’ days when simply having a website was enough to set you apart from the competition? Okay, so that was a LONG time ago… but there are still plenty of ways you can gain a competitive edge with your website using our apartment SEO checklist. The opportunities to grow with search engine

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rebranding discussion

When Should I Think About Rebranding A Small Business?

Whether you’ve just started or you’ve been around for while and have recently considered rebranding your small business, it’s likely that you’ve had experience with logo design at one point or another. Hey, you might have designed the original logo yourself – giving little strategy to its creation, whipping it together in Word, and printing

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ADA Compliance Guide for Apartment Websites

Table of Contents – What is ADA Compliance? What is WCAG? What are the benefits of making your website ADA compliant? The Levels of ADA Compliance Standards to Meet for Each Level of ADA Website Compliance FAQs About Website Accessibility Resources for ADA Compliance What you need to know about ADA Compliance, Why It’s Important

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branding and logo on desk

3 Considerations with Apartment Branding & Logo Design

Developing a solid brand and logo for your apartment or any business can translate directly down to your bottom line when done with craft, research, and care. We go into every apartment branding and logo design conversation with the following considerations in mind to ensure we know who we’re designing for (hint: it’s the customer,

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