4 MailChimp Features You Forgot Existed

Whether your niche is community engagement, ecommerce, or sales strategy, email marketing is an absolute must. This aspect of digital marketing is a valuable way to interact with current customers, target new leads and get the word out about important business news. There are a host of email marketing programs that will get the job

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Internet Listing Services: Worth the hidden costs?

For years, Internet Listing Services (ILS) have dominated the apartment digital marketing scene. And for a while, it made perfect sense to use a listing service to advertise your apartment rentals. Paying a listing service to promote your apartment seemed sensible, easy and effective. But all that is changing.   The reign of ILS’s is

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Multifamily Marketing: What makes a good apartment property website?

With the amount of multifamily competition that seems to be being built over-night, how does your community stand out from the competition? The first place to start is with your digital presence, your website. When redesigning or launching a new website for an apartment community, there are several moving elements that need to cohesively come

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7 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Customers and Foster Growth

Much like in your personal life, your business’s social media channels will oftentimes create a first impression that others will use to develop their overarching opinion of your company. The content you put forth on these channels establish a public-facing identity that allows you to interact with customers, share news about your business and foster

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Internet Listing Services are Dying: The Future of Apartment Marketing

It’s true. Internet Listing Services (ILS) have traditionally been the primary means of marketing for apartment properties. However, recent years of data have proven that renters are no longer turning to the ILS giants when looking to sign a lease, but rather they are more prone to visit the apartment’s website directly. What is an

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6 benefits of working with a marketing agency

6 Benefits of Working with a Marketing Agency

The extent and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives largely determine the future success of your business. Customer retention, brand awareness and digital presence all depend on strong marketing, so naturally, these decisions should not be taken lightly. If your company is faced with the choice of whether to work with a marketing agency or take

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