Selecting Social Media platforms for business

5 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing quarantine have seen some brands successfully focusing their efforts on social media and others seem to be missing the mark. So why are some brands’ attempts to move their marketing to social media falling flat? We’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that it’s because they do not have

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browsing social media accounts on phone

Our Favorite Social Media Accounts & Why They’re Important

Today, we decided to take a break from the regular educational blog posts and do something a little fun and different so you can better get to know Brindle and the masterminds behind it. First thing to know is we LOVE social media. Seriously, it’s excessive. But it’s not just entertainment – we live for

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How to Ask for a Review

Reviews are an important part of growing your business. People want social proof that others trust your services or offerings. Many people are not comfortable making a decision or investing something without the confirmation of others. Hence all of the review platforms out there. 4 out of 5 people will research a company before they

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College vs Reality – 3 Things I Learned About Marketing

You just need to graduate. You just need to graduate and get a job. Then everything will work out. But what if when you graduate, you find out that in the 4+ years you spent getting a marketing degree, you haven’t actually acquired the skills you need to be successful in the professional world? Well

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Finding user generated content on Instagram

A Guide to Using & Finding User Generated Content

What is ‘user generated content’ and why is it important for your social media campaign? User Generated Content, or UGC, is simply content created by people rather than brands. It can be video, text, reviews, images, and more than that can help promote your brand’s authenticity and trust. Plus, it’s free content for your brand

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