A Guide to Using & Finding User Generated Content

Finding user generated content on Instagram

What is ‘user generated content’ and why is it important for your social media campaign? User Generated Content, or UGC, is simply content created by people rather than brands. It can be video, text, reviews, images, and more than that can help promote your brand’s authenticity and trust. Plus, it’s free content for your brand … Read more

COVID-19 and Apartment Marketing Campaign Adjustments

adjusting web campaign online

NOTE: This article was first published on March 19, 2020. We’ll update as necessary. It feels like we’re writing this post in a moment of time that should be a movie. But it’s reality. We’re still confused and as uncertain as everyone else. But during these strange times, it’s important we as marketers keep a positive … Read more

3 Common Mistakes in Facebook Ads

3 Mistakes in Facebook Ads

As a digital marketing agency, we hear all the time, “We’ve tried Facebook ads, but they didn’t work” or “we boost some posts here and there but have never got any business from them”. Let’s hit the pause button right there. First off, we’re not here to criticize the way anyone is running their Facebook … Read more

5 of the Most Important Metrics for Measuring Social Media Success

social media metrics

Social media will always remain a steadfast, key tactic for successful digital marketing. As long as the population receives information from social media, your business will need to keep it as a top strategy for engaging clients (current and potential), disseminating information, and communicating branding. Now that we’re all on board that social media is … Read more

5 Social Media Tactics for Marketing Your Apartment

Social media engagement

Just like your favorite friends and kooky cousins, every apartment community has its own unique personality. This is established through countless aspects, small and large – the color scheme in the clubhouse, the amenities offered, the location, etc. The voice given to each apartment community on social media pages is key to communicating its brand … Read more

5 Steps for Hosting a Successful Social Media Contest

Office desk at home

We’ve mentioned a time or two that it’s very important to make your social media channels a conversation. There are several great ways to accomplish this, but one of our favorites is hosting a social media contest. A social media contest works for just about any kind of business or industry, and it’s a fun … Read more

6 Ways to Amp Up Your Social Engagement

Computer in home office

The digital age has given businesses the unique opportunity to engage with clients and potential clients on a more personal level. In past decades, there was a distinct line between the business sector and the public sector, with each entity functioning separately. That line has now blurred, and strong businesses make a point of engaging … Read more

2019 Social Media Trends You Do Not Want to Ignore

2019 Social Media Trends You Do Not Want to Ignore

Social media has evolved into one of the most effective marketing channels to specifically target audiences with business news, product developments, etc. It’s not enough to simply use social media platforms – marketers must have their thumb on the pulse of these platforms to truly take full advantage of their value. As the landscape of … Read more

Holiday Social Media Posts 2.0 – How to get Creative When Wishing your Customers ‘Happy Holidays’

Getting Creative with Holiday posts

It’s time to leave the generic holiday posts in 2018. Nobody wants to scroll through their Facebook with hundreds of “Merry Christmas” posts with a stock photo that took five seconds to think of and release on your feed. Boring! Add some flair, creativity and a little thought; something that will make your consumers look … Read more