How to Create GIFs for Your Brand

gifs for Instagram

GIFs have been sweeping the internet for years now, and we think it’s about time everyone learned how to create their own. Not only are GIFs a great way to engage with your Instagram and social media audience, but they also put a face to your brand and make your content stand out.  And to … Read more

3 Ideas to Maintain Resident Retention

residents unpacking

In order for multi-family communities to maintain resident retention rates, there needs to be a solid understanding of residential preferences. What about the community works? What could use some improvements? The answer to attracting a higher volume of potential residents and keeping those residents happy could be simpler than you realize… Here are 3 ideas … Read more

24 Social Media Contest Ideas for Apartments that Work

social media contest idea

Social media contests are a great way to increase engagement, boost your following, and share your products or services. Looking for social media ideas for your apartment? We’ve got you covered. 24 social media contest ideas for apartments: Attend our resident event and post a picture with a custom hashtag to be entered to win … Read more