6 Copywriting Hacks for a Killer Company Blog

copywriting tips for a killer blog

Your company blog is certainly not a one-trick pony. It boosts your website’s SEO, allows you an opportunity to share your industry wisdom, gives you a contained spot to add company updates and events – the list goes on.

If copywriting is just not your cup of tea, we have a few tips that could help. When you’re not sure where to even begin on your company blog, keep these copywriting hacks in your back pocket:

1 | Establish Your Blog Tone

One of the best parts of a company blog is that it’s a little more laidback than other pieces of writing. This is a chance for you to open up and write with a unique personality. But what exactly is that personality? Quick and quippy? Smart and service-oriented? Professional and precise? You have absolute freedom on the route to take – just keep it consistent from post to post.

2 | Find Your Purpose and Stick to It

Brainstorm about five categories you want your posts to fall under. These should be directly related to the mission of your business – products you sell, services you offer, your company’s overall branding, SEO objectives, etc. Each blog post should tie back to these categories, which will keep your blog cohesive and focused.

3 | Know Your Stuff

This might seem like a given, but we mean really know your stuff. This is your chance to shine and demonstrate that your company is an industry leader. Avoid subjects that resonate as bland and ordinary. Spring for unique topics – such as industry news, specific process your company uses, or opinion on a particular facet of the industry – that allow your audiences to trust your expertise.

4 | Link Back to Past Blog Posts

This one is an SEO hack as well as a copywriting hack. Whenever possible, include links within your blog post that direct visitors to previous blog posts or other pages on the website. This will greatly enhance your SEO and website views, plus keep people on your website for longer.

5 | Give Examples

Help your reader fully understand a concept by illustrating it. Don’t just tell them about an important subject within your industry, show them with concrete reasoning and examples. This also makes your blog post more fun, engaging and interactive. Bonus points if your examples come from what your business has done in the past!

6 | End on a Call to Action

Sometimes, closing out a blog post can be the hardest part. If “and…that’s it!” just doesn’t strike the right chord, a call to action is always a safe bet. Direct readers to your contact page, include a contact phone or email and assure them that your team is full of industry experts who can provide the service you need.

Bonus Hack:

We admit it – this one might be more of a pet peeve than a hack. When talking blog language, the term “blog” refers to the section on your website as a whole, whereas “blog post” refers to each individual article. Cheers.

Even after employing these hacks, you might still come to the conclusion that copywriting just isn’t for everyone. No problem, we get it. Get in touch with Brindle marketing in Greeley – we can help you out with not only copywriting but all marketing initiatives.

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