Our Favorite Browser Extensions & Apps We Can’t Live Without

This holiday season, we’d love to be the best gift-giver ever and add hours to your days. But until that’s possible, we thought we’d share some of the apps we rely on to get more done in less time. Whether it’s a favorite screen-grab application or an uber-simple photo editor that turns out quick sophistication, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Read on to sample our favorite time-savers and reclaim your time for holiday parties and other worthwhile endeavors.

LOOM – Loom is a browser extension that can record your screen and creates short videos with just the click of a button. If you need to make a quick, informative, visual tutorial and send swiftly to your team or a client, Loom is going to be extremely beneficial.

Full-page screen capture – The title isn’t too clever but it sure is helpful. It’s a browser extension that does exactly what it says it’s going to; it takes full-page screen captures. Our team uses it for capturing full-page web designs that would otherwise take 10-12 regular screenshots.

HypeType – We spend a lot of time in Instagram here at Brindle, so if you’re looking for a way to step your Instagram Stories game WAY up…this is the app; add fun live-typing text, music and adjust the speed of the video.

Over This is a basic photo editing app that allows you to put text “over” an image. This could be really useful for small businesses promoting products or if you just need to get snippets of information out there but want it to look sleek and trendy.

9-Cut – Large Instagram squares…they were trendy, out of style and back again for more. 9-Cut is one of the apps you use to post 20 different photos to make up one big photo on your Instagram. It can be a little confusing when someone is posting tons of zoomed-out squares of an image but it can look really cool on your Instagram profile.

Splice – think “video editing made easy.” You can trim, crop, and put videos together all on your phone. So, you’ll be able to combine your clips and send to Instagram without the hassle of downloading everything and editing with Adobe Illustrator or other hard to use video editing programs.

Grammarly – Say goodbye to spelling and grammar. You’re an adult, you should know the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re.” But, it’s a busy world and we’re all in a hurry. Grammarly is an extension you can add to your computer that catches and highlights when you’ve made these little mistakes. Trust us, it can be a lifesaver for next time your speed typing an email to your boss before you head out the door.

Sprout Social Media – As a Sprout social media Agency Partner, we’re already in love with the software and their app is no exception. 10/10 recommend. Schedule out future posts you want to share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can also manage all interactions with your social accounts; from direct messages on Instagram to comments on Facebook posts. You can run it all from the Sprout app on your phone, no need to visit each platform independently.

Notes – Yes, notes…plain ‘ole notes app is a lifesaver. Pretty much everyone has heard of Notes or is using it on a regular basis. For all Apple users, it is on your phone and computer which makes it perfect for storing your Instagram hashtags and those random great ideas you have at 10 pm (and let’s face it…the occasional Target shopping list).

Canva – With Canva you can create cute graphics that stick to your design and logo preferences. You can set your color scheme and fonts that fit your company. All can be saved in Canva, edited, downloaded and shared so it makes it simple to keep your social media graphics consistent.

Dashlane – forget about ever forgetting a password or retrieving one again, Dashlane has you covered. With the extension on your computer and app on your phone, it automatically saves usernames and passwords you input. So, the only password you need to absolutely remember is your password for Dashlane (don’t lose that puppy).

Other notable mentions:
Google Tag Manager (Chrome Extension)
ColorPick Eyedropper (Chrome Extension)
Honey (Chrome Extension)

It’s a digital age and we’re grateful for the technology that has come with it. There are thousands of apps out there and new ones popping up every day. What are your favorite apps and/or browser extensions? Leave us a comment below!

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