Improving your Apartment’s Google Ads in Four Steps


When looking for an apartment or home, the era of looking for vacancies in the weekly newspaper has ended. Digital advertising has allowed property advertising to soar, which means more leads, more leases, and more online competition.

If you’re using Google Ads to advertise your apartment property, there are a few standard practices you should consider implementing when writing digital apartment ads. Four ways to maximize your apartment’s Google Ad campaign:

Include the specific city location: Tell people where they’re going to live

First and foremost, tell people where they’re potentially going to rent, live, work, play- even if it’s obvious. Adding “Fort Collins Apartments”, “Apartments Near CSU”, or “West Greeley Apartments” tells out-of-state-ers exactly what they’re looking at and if you’re in the area of where they’re hoping to move. It also hand delivers local renters your apartment complex over your competitor’s.

Ultimately, this helps to improve your overall click through rate – saving you money while increasing your web traffic numbers.

Include your apartment complex’s name: Get your brand in front of potential renters

Hellooooo brand recognition. Any chance that you have to establish some brand recognition, do it. We’ve all heard that it takes 7+ times of someone seeing your brand’s name before they remember it, so why not start with your digital ads?! Include the property’s name in your ads.

The next step after this is to ensure that your website is up to par with your brand, so when someone clicks on your ad, your website keeps them interested. Schedule a marketing consultation with Brindle to see if your website and brand are talking to your market.

Break out floor plans to specific ad groups

Having separate ad groups for each floor plan style allows you to dive a little further into demographic analytics and serve more relevant, specific ads. By monitoring ad groups per floor plan style, you can see which style is performing best among searchers- aka, what the majority of people are in the market for. Also include this verbiage in your ad headline, “One Bedroom Apts.”

Amenity callouts: What makes you better than the competition?

This doesn’t mean you have to build a state-of-the-art fitness center or year-round pool, but rather what can you offer residents that no one else can? Whether it be a 24/7 maintenance service, city and location conveniences, or it truly is that heated pool and fitness center, apartment shoppers won’t be afraid to click your competitor’s ad if something catches their eye.

Pro-tip: also mention whenever you’re going through construction upgrades. This proves to people that you’re constantly investing in your property to give residents the best living experience possible. And sparks curiosity of what’s coming for searchers.

Here are a few headline examples of all of the above to help point your Google ads in the right direction:

Modern, One Bedroom Apts | Greeley Apartments | The Reserve at West T- Bone

5151 Downtown Littleton| Littleton, CO Apartments | Upgraded Amenities Coming Soon

Blocks from UNC Campus | The Eliot at Maddie | New Greeley Apts

Whether it is helping with your Google ad strategy, new branding, or building a new website, Brindle can help launch your apartment marketing efforts to the next level. Get in touch to see how.

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