Let Go to Get Ahead: Say goodbye to these things for a brighter future

Let Go to Get Ahead: Say goodbye to these things for a brighter future

When possibilities are at your fingertips, it’s so easy to WANT IT ALL. From an early age, many of us have been taught to always say “yes,” because if we don’t, we’ll miss out on crucial opportunities and be plagued with regret down the road.

But we’re going to shake up that notion. In the world of marketing – and professional sphere in general – there are numerous practices, ideas and trends you need to let go of in order to advance toward a brighter future.

For all strong leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, we give you full permission to say goodbye to the following:

Working Around the Clock

Hard work pays off, don’t get us wrong, but refusing to balance work and personal life does not, will not, never will. Regardless of the stage of your career, always find time to devote to your social obligations, not to mention a healthy sleep schedule. Mental breaks allow you to channel your most creative self, thus expanding your ability to think innovatively and toward the future. Remember – sometimes we have to slow down to speed up…

The Need to Control All

The mark of a good leader is not someone who aims to control all situations, but rather someone who can guide a team through the answer-seeking process. Instead of bulleting pieces of advice incessantly, try taking a step back and follow these helpful tips:

  • Listen up. Ask questions like “What else?” “How can we accomplish that?” and “What are your thoughts?”
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. When someone has an idea – even if it’s one with which you disagree – hear them out and evaluate outcomes before vetoing it.
  • Delegate and oversee. Being in charge of everything is exhausting. Pass off some of your tasks to free up more time to oversee projects on the high level.

Saying Yes to Everything

Saying yes to everything is overwhelming and unproductive. Saying no to everything removes all possibilities of success. So how do you find a balance and determine which opportunities to take or deny? A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is my overall goal and how will this opportunity bring me closer to that goal?
  • How long will it take for this opportunity to pay off?
  • Will taking this opportunity lead to more fruitful opportunities down the road?

Negative People

Say goodbye to the Debbie Downers, Negative Nancies and Doubting Thomases of the world. These people will only bring you down when you deserve to fly! Those who are so stuck in their old ways and project a negative outlook are the ones you need to ditch when you’re looking toward a brighter future. Instead, try surrounding yourself with people who…

  • Embrace change
  • Have strong credibility
  • Are passionate about their industry
  • Think outside the box

Fear of Rejection

It’s not middle school anymore – rejection is a-okay! To achieve a better tomorrow, take educated risks today. Not everyone will always like you or agree with you, but it’s better to challenge the status quo from time to time to discover the greener grass. So, abandon your fears and take the plunge!

Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time for all strong leaders to embrace the future!

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