The Importance of Visual Content in Apartment Marketing

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to apartment marketing, we’re willing to bet that a picture is worth around 10,000 words. While it’s necessary to incorporate aesthetic appeal into your marketing strategy regardless of the industry, it is extra crucial to have strong visual content in the apartment marketing realm.

If your apartment community is lacking in a visual component, we have a few surefire ideas to get the ball rolling.

First of all, let’s delve into exactly why you need strong visual content in your apartment marketing strategy:

  • Make it personal. Having floor plans and photos readily available for potential residents helps them picture exactly what it would be like for them to live in that community.
  • Show don’t tell. Telling website visitors and social media followers about your amenities can only go so far. Pictures share what words can’t.
  • Tell people why you’re different. When searching for an apartment community to call home, all of the different complexes start to sound the same. Use visuals as an opportunity to boast your unique aspects.

Now that you understand the why, we’ll go into the what. Here are some visuals to include in your marketing strategy:

  • Detailed floor plans. Floor plans give potential residents a clear layout of what their future home could look like. This is a great way to let people know exactly what they’re getting into.
  • Interior photography. Naturally, potential residents want to know what the interior of their future home looks like. Show off each room of the apartment using clean, crisp, modern furnishings.
  • Amenities and Community Spaces. If your apartment community has a nice pool, clubhouse, etc., be sure to capture these spaces in high quality photographs. Remind potential residents that their rent includes access to amenities far beyond the walls of their apartment unit.
  • Property Maps. Maps help people visualize the property as a whole. Plus, including a Google map function on your website highlights its location and nearby attractions.
  • 3D Tours and Videos. 3D elements take your marketing visuals to a whole new level. This content truly helps capture the whole experience and lifestyle of your apartment community in a way that no other visuals can.

Bonus: Apartment Photography Tips

After deciding on the elements that need photographing, it’s time to snap some high-quality shots to fully capture the essence. Here are a few easy tips to transform your pics from mediocre to top-notch.

  • Wide angle. Don’t zoom in when taking photos of each room. Instead, take wide angle shots that show multiple walls of the room. This will give it more depth and dimension.
  • Lighting. No one wants to live somewhere dark and dingy. Make sure your photos have bright and inviting light.
  • Composition. Take photos of each room one at a time. If you have multiple rooms or too much furniture in one photo, it can look cluttered and cramped.

Not sure where to start on marketing your apartment community’s visual side? Contact the Brindle team today to explore cutting-edge, proven marketing tactics.  

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